• Nespresso® Compatible Hot Chocolate Pods

    - 5 Flavours -

    Nespresso® Compatible Hot Chocolate Pods

    The worlds first hot chocolate pods for Nespresso®* in 5 fantastic flavours.

  • Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods

    - Multiple Intensities -

    Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods

    Including the Worlds First Double Shot Pods. 



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mugpods - Nespresso Compatible Pods

Welcome to mugpods

Nespresso® Compatible Pods

Welcome to mugpods.com an online store specialising in Nespresso® Compatible Pods in the UK. We sell a fantastic range of Hot Chocolate Pods, Coffee Pods and Childrens milkshake pods for use in Nespresso® machines. 


Why buy mugpods Nespresso®  Compatible Pods

- Huge saving compared to genuine Nespresso® pods and capsules in the United Kingdom. If you are looking for cheap Nespresso® compatible pods or capsules - mugpods is the shop for you.

- Our pods are made of BPA free plastic, and covered in foil - meaning the pods can go in the bin you currently use to recycle plastic/yoghurt pots etc.

- We are one of  few retailers selling Nespresso® compatible Hot Chocolate pods - with great flavours including caramel, chocolate mint and hazelnut capsules.

- Our Coffee Pods come in multiple flavours according to intensity, why not try the worlds first double shot coffee pod?

- NO minimum order value, start from one box - the more you buy the more you save. With FREE delivery on more than ten boxes.

- A worlds first, our Kids milkshake Poddies come in fantastic sugar free flavours, truly making your Nespresso® machine a family friendly drinks machine - not just coffee and allowing you to make Nespresso®  compatible milkshakes!

- Our customers love us, view mugpods reviews here. 


Mugpods Blog Latest Posts

Surprising Health Benefits of drinking Hot Chocolate Pods for Nespresso April 7, 2017

Chocolate is often at the receiving end of a lot of bad press. Concerns of sugar content, obesity and tooth decay add to the negative image of this much-loved treat. However, the news is not all bad, far from it! Read our latest blog post to find out why adding hot chocolate pods to your balanced diet is a good thing! 

When is the best time to drink your Nespresso compatible coffee pods? Feb 28, 2017

For the lover of coffee, there is no better taste at any time of the day than a freshly made mug of coffee. However, every coffee drinker has heard that there are times of the day when coffee is good for you, and times when it isn’t. Read this blog post to find out!

Trade and Wholesale for Podista Products in the UK

- We are a reseller of Podista pods in the United Kingdom.

- This includes Nespresso®  compatible Hot Chocolate Pods, Coffee Pods and Kids Poddies.

- Interested in reselling Podista products? Want to become a trade partner? Please use the contact us page.