Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods

When Is The Best Time To Drink Your Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods?

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Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods

For the lover of coffee, there is no better taste at any time of the day than a freshly made mug of coffee. However, every coffee drinker has heard that there are times of the day when coffee is good for you, and times when it isn’t. Is there any truth in these stories? Should you really avoid your Nespresso compatible coffee pods before bed?

So, let’s get the bad news out of the way first. The stories are true, there really are times when you should avoid not only Nespresso compatible coffee pods, but any caffeinated drinks. The good news is that this is only for a three-hour window at each end of the day. Sounds like a lot, but think about the number of hours that it leaves for you to enjoy compatible coffee pods for Nespresso. So, why three hours, and more interestingly, why three hours in the morning? Surely, caffeine and mornings are meant for each other. The answer lays in its effect on your circadian clock. This is your internal biological clock that regulates the times when you are alert and when you are sleepy. In the average human adult, your circadian rhythms mean that you are most in need of sleep between 2am and 4am, and in the afternoon between 1pm and 3pm. Now obviously, your body needs more sleep than two hours at night, but if you have ever tried staying awake past 2am, you will understand why it is a peak time for needing sleep. The afternoon sleepiness is only really evident when you are sleep deprived, or feeling under the weather. But most adults do experience a lull at around this time in the afternoon when everything seems that bit harder; the answer to which is usually Nespresso coffee pods, as naps at work are generally frowned upon.

But, where do coffee pods Nespresso compatible, and caffeine in general, fit into this? Caffeine affects the production of two very important hormones – melatonin and cortisol. Melatonin aids in controlling your sleeping and waking cycles; supporting the circadian rhythms. As you prepare for sleep at night levels of melatonin surge, helping you to drift off. Caffeine drunk within the three-hour window before your bedtime pushing back this surge, meaning that you fall asleep later. Occasionally this won’t do any harm, but on a regular basis it can reset your entire internal clock, making it harder to get up in the morning, and to stay awake during the day. When this happens, you are more likely to reach for a strong coffee first thing in the morning. The problem is when you do this, you reduce the amount of cortisol your body produces. Now as well as being the stress hormone, it is also the hormone that makes you feel awake. The more caffeine you drink, the less cortisol you produce and the more you rely on caffeine to wake up; you start to see a vicious circle forming. But, if you can leave off the Nespresso compatible capsules of coffee, and other highly caffeinated drinks, for the first three hours, your body can perform its morning routine unhampered. Then, you are free to enjoy your coffee for the rest of the day.

So, there you have it. Nespresso compatible coffee pods are good, just not in the first three hours of your working day, or the last three before you plan on your head hitting your pillows. But, there is good news, the mid-morning coffee break is safe, and there is always Nespresso hot chocolate to wind down with at the end of the day.