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Mugpods have some of the worlds first Nespresso compatible pods. These include the brilliant Double shot coffee pods. These coffee pods have twice the caffeine of a regular pod and they really are coffee with a kick!!! Do you find that sometimes, particularly when using compatible coffee pods, your coffee can taste a bit watered down? Or perhaps you end up using two pods just to get that strong coffee you were looking for. That is where our double shot pod comes in, like a caffeine superhero! They contain on average double the caffeine of a standard Nespresso pod Countless reviewers have mentioned how these pods are the perfect saviour for tired parents trying to get through the day with a toddler in toe or even as a perfect pre-workout!…
Compatible Nespresso Coffee Pods

Using Your Compatible Nespresso Coffee Pods For More Than Just A Drink

Mugpods Ltd
Compatible Nespresso coffee pods are great for making that first coffee of the day, or for relaxing with a freshly brewed coffee in the early afternoon. But, is this all there is to this wonderful little invention? The answer is no, not at all. Read on to find out much more. Of course, your coffee machine, the working heart that allows you to create amazing coffee with your compatible Nespresso coffee pods, can also make other drinks. All you need to do is source different pods and there you have it, a Nespresso hot chocolate, a more intense style of coffee, or a vanilla infused coffee. But, each of these little pods is much more than a drink. Many recipes require coffee, and your coffee machine can provide it in just the right quantities and strengths.…