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Where Does Hot Chocolate Come From?

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Hot chocolate is one of the most enjoyable beverages on the planet. It is part of most people’s childhood, a drink that is reminiscent of cold, wintry days – perhaps even snow. Nespresso pods chocolate versions are a great way to relive those memories. But where exactly does our favourite nostalgic drink comes from? Well, it all began around 4,000 years ago in Mexico with a people known as the Mesoamericans. To them, chocolate was only used as a drink, and never consumed in any other fashion. In fact, bars of chocolate only began to be produced in about 1850, and that was because the price of chocolate and cocoa began to fall. Before that, and certainly in Mexico, hot chocolate was seen as something of a luxury, and only the wealthy could afford it.…
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Coffee And Chocolate Combine Perfectly – What Great Ways Can You Put Them Together?

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When it comes to flavour combinations, coffee together with chocolate takes a lot of beating. The Nespresso chocolate coffee pods are a great example of that – delicious and moreish. There are many ways to put these two ingredients together to create something spectacular, and here are just a few ideas. The first – perhaps simplest – thing you can do is to pour chocolate syrup into your coffee. This may sound like it will become too sickly sweet, and it can if you’re not careful. But if you use just the right amount of syrup, and you pick dark chocolate instead of milk (and definitely do not use white), then it can turn out perfectly. An alternative method is to use one of the hot chocolate pods Nespresso create (or compatible ones) mixed with one coffee Nespresso compatible capsules.…