Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Coffee and its global growth

Mugpods Ltd

Its no secret that most people in the world love their coffee… The UK is becoming a nation of coffee drinkers and the traditional idea of us being tea drinkers is fading away slowly.

Did you know…

  • Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with over 400 billion cups consumed each year.
  • Britain consumes 500g of coffee per person, per year.

With all of this being taken into consideration it comes as no surprise that the coffee market is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. With new machines, pods and beans being put out there all the time its hard to keep up with whats what.

One of the most popular machines to buy now is the Nespresso machines. There are a number of companies out there that sell Nespresso compatible pods which give you a much broader range to choose from compared to the Nespresso range.

The beauty of Nespresso compatible capsules is that it enables the consumer to “try out” individual flavours with very little effort. If you try for example the mugpods intensity 5 coffee and then you decide that you want a stronger drink such as their intensity 16 coffee, then all you need to do is drop the pod and try another, it is a simple as that.

Based on the market research stated above the average person in Britain consumes around 500g of coffee annually and with that comes a lot of waste, especially from those who buy the beans and grind them themselves. – So another great thing about the Nespresso pods is they have a specific amount in every pod so there is a much smaller chance of wasting your money.

               – PLUS; its less mess!