Nespresso Chocolate Coffee Pods

Coffee And Chocolate Combine Perfectly – What Great Ways Can You Put Them Together?

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Nespresso Chocolate Coffee Pods

When it comes to flavour combinations, coffee together with chocolate takes a lot of beating. The Nespresso chocolate coffee pods are a great example of that – delicious and moreish. There are many ways to put these two ingredients together to create something spectacular, and here are just a few ideas.

The first – perhaps simplest – thing you can do is to pour chocolate syrup into your coffee. This may sound like it will become too sickly sweet, and it can if you’re not careful. But if you use just the right amount of syrup, and you pick dark chocolate instead of milk (and definitely do not use white), then it can turn out perfectly. An alternative method is to use one of the hot chocolate pods Nespresso create (or compatible ones) mixed with one coffee Nespresso compatible capsules. One of each makes a lovely, warming drink. You can even add a sprinkling of cocoa powder, or a drizzle of honey to make the taste just right for you. It certainly sounds good! Another easy to manage combination consists of a good cup of coffee with a chocolate biscuit on the side. Again, make it dark chocolate if you can as this combines bestwith the bitterness of the coffee. Sip your coffee and nibble your biscuit, and you’ve got a match made in heaven. If you want to really infuse that biscuit with coffee flavour, try dunking it in your drink – but don’t leave it there too long or it will become mush at the bottom of your mug!

Nespresso chocolate coffee pods don’t even have to be used to make coffee. At least, not coffee for drinking. If you are making a coffee and chocolate cake, such as a gateau l’opera, you will need both coffee and chocolate for the recipe. Why not use your Nespresso coffee pods, or their compatible – cheaper – counterparts to make the right amount? That way you know that it will be exactly as you want it to be. The sponge in an opera cake needs to be soaked with coffee, and there is plenty of chocolate used elsewhere in the recipe, but to add your own twist to the end product, why not soak the sponge in both coffee and chocolate using Nespresso compatible hot chocolate capsules? If an opera cake is a bit on the fiddly side for you to want to make (it can take quite a while and is very delicate work), then a standard coffee and chocolate sponge cake will work wonders, and using your Nespresso machine to make the liquid used in the recipe will result in the perfect cake. Serve it to friends, sell it on a cake stall, eat it all yourself – it’s your choice once it’s baked.

Or you could simply go for a coffee and chocolate milkshake. Pop some ice cream and milk in a blender, throw in a mug of cold coffee and chocolate, blend it, and you’ve got a delicious drink. Hot chocolate from Nespresso chocolate coffee pods is truly versatile. Plus it tastes great on its own!