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Coffee Pods Compatible With Nespresso – The French Ruling That Made Nespresso Users Rejoice

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Coffee pods compatible with Nespresso machines are now enjoyed all over the UK. From homes to businesses, most people can’t imagine a day without brewing themselves a delicious coffee using their Nespresso compatible capsules. However, this was not always the case. Only a few years ago, consumers were forced to purchase Nespresso capsules – other versions were not available. And, as you no doubt realise, the Nespresso capsules are expensive, which meant coffee was enjoyed as a treat, or not at all.

Luckily, this changed when a French ruling was introduced in 2014, meaning that coffee lovers all over the world can enjoy Nespresso compatible capsules while saving way over £100 per year. So, what happened? Well, on September 4th 2014, French authorities told Nespresso that it must share details regarding its coffee machines in order to allow rival companies to make compatible Nespresso coffee pods with ease. The company agreed to do so, not only in France, but also across the globe. This was great news for us Brits, as Nespresso is the most widely used coffee machine in the UK.

A lot of people were worried that this would mean that their Nespresso machine would not be guaranteed if they switched to a different brand of pod, and there were those worried about the quality of the coffee. Regarding warranties, customers did not need to fret, so long as they met all terms of the warranty – it doesn’t matter what pods are used. Regarding quality, like any drink, you have to try different brands to discover what you prefer. A lot of people have found they prefer their new, cheaper brand over Nespresso coffee pods, and there are those who struggle to tell the difference. The only way to know is to taste, and, of course, you can read reviews on coffee pods compatible with Nespresso machines before buying.