Compatible Coffee Pods For Nespresso

Compatible Coffee Pods For Nespresso – When Is The Best Time To Drink Coffee?

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Surely the best time to drink coffee is whenever you fancy a cup of it? We certainly think so anyway! However, there has been research conducted regarding the impact coffee has on the body, and thus when the optimal time to drink it is. The results may surprise some of you. So, when is the best time to enjoy your delicious compatible coffee pods for Nespresso machines?

The best time to enjoy coffee is mid-morning. This is when you are hours away from hitting the sack, and your cortisol production is down too, making it the perfect time to indulge your caffeine habit.

You may have already gathered that preparing a cup of coffee using your Nespresso compatible capsules just before bed is not advised. This is because the surge of melatonin you need when you drift off to sleep is delayed by roughly 40 minutes if you have Nespresso coffee pods before bed. Melatonin is the hormone that controls sleep and wake cycles. It is what helps you to drift off to sleep at night. You may think that 40 minutes is nothing, but what you need to consider is that this 40 minute delay can shift your circadian clock to the point where your entire next day is impacted, or, at the least, you struggle to get out of bed in the morning.

Do you love a morning cup of coffee? We do too! But, apparently, it’s much better for us if we give our body time to wake up and then have our first cup of coffee once we get to work, as opposed to having a cup as soon as we wake. This is because cortisol, which is a hormone that makes you feel awake in the morning, is at its highest level in the morning. So, you will feel the impact of caffeine much better if you enjoy your compatible coffee pods for Nespresso machines once cortisol starts to wear off.

At mugpods we have a fantastic range of coffee pods ranging from intensity 6 to our double shot 16 but remember timing is everything when it comes to getting the most from your coffee pods and we hope this article has helped you learn something you didn’t already know.