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Where Does Hot Chocolate Come From?

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Nespresso Pods Chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the most enjoyable beverages on the planet. It is part of most people’s childhood, a drink that is reminiscent of cold, wintry days – perhaps even snow. Nespresso pods chocolate versions are a great way to relive those memories. But where exactly does our favourite nostalgic drink comes from?

Well, it all began around 4,000 years ago in Mexico with a people known as the Mesoamericans. To them, chocolate was only used as a drink, and never consumed in any other fashion. In fact, bars of chocolate only began to be produced in about 1850, and that was because the price of chocolate and cocoa began to fall. Before that, and certainly in Mexico, hot chocolate was seen as something of a luxury, and only the wealthy could afford it. Times have certainly changed with Nespresso chocolate coffee pods being affordable to everyone! Approximately 2,000 years ago, the Mesoamericans began to change the way they made their hot chocolate. Although it had been made in the same ways for centuries, they realised that by adding different flavours they could make their wonderful concoction even better. Much like the different flavours and varieties that are available with Nespresso compatible capsules! To begin with, drinking chocolate was a rather thick, rich, and very spicy type of creation. It had to be sweetened with honey, and watered down to enable those enjoying it to drink it properly. As time went on, more and more sweetness was added. And of course, once milk chocolate was created, it was much easier to adjust for the Western palette.

So not only does hot chocolate made from a powder, a Nespresso hot chocolate pod, or even from melted chocolate itself taste great, but scientific studies have shown that it can be good for the health too. In moderation, of course! Some studies suggest that drinking hot chocolate and eating dark chocolate can increase the microcirculation of the skin. That means that consuming chocolate can actually warm you up, as it boosts your circulation. Another study look at the way chocolate triggers the release of endorphins – the ‘happy hormone’. This hormone makes us feel great, but also induces a state of calm which means that we can get on with our days with much less anxiety around us. For those in stressful jobs or who are going through a hard time, that chocolate craving may actually be necessary! Nespresso pods chocolate flavour taste great and along with compatible Nespresso coffee pods, they can really push the way you drink hot beverages to the next level. This is a great way to get a little fix of chocolate without needing to eat an entire bar – moderation really is the key when it comes to chocolate.

Good quality chocolate also contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals, all of which help our minds and bodies. Whatever the reason for enjoying hot chocolate from Nespresso pods chocolate flavour, having it available in a handy capsule is a great way to ensure that we can get it when we want it.