Hot Chocolate For Nespresso

Hot Chocolate For Nespresso – Hot Chocolate Pairings

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Hot chocolate for Nespresso machines has become exceptionally popular, and it is likely that more and more hot chocolate will be enjoyed as the weather starts to cool down. After all, there is nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa and indulging in a creamy, sweet chocolate drink. But, have you ever wondered what snacks are best to enjoy with your hot chocolate? Read on to discover more.

When pairing food with Nespresso hot chocolate, you should go for something tangy, sweet, or salty. Tangy fruits are great because they cleanse and refresh the palette, and they play off of the sweetness of the hot chocolate. Some great pairings include strawberries, raspberries, green grapes, tart apples, blackberries, and any sour citrus fruit.

Sweet foods go well with hot chocolate, as you are pairing similar tastes. However, you do need to enjoy sweet food in moderation, and it is advisable to go for a pronounced flavour. This is why mint and chocolate has become such a successful pairing. Aside from mint, other options include candied fruits and caramel sweets.

Lastly, salty foods are great when enjoying your Nespresso compatible capsules. You’ve no doubt noticed the popularity of salted chocolate and caramel as of late. The combination works really well, as salty foods act as a foil to the intense sweetness of hot chocolate. But, bear in mind that any greasy snacks will clash with the cocoa’s richness. Instead, consider the likes of toasted pumpkin seeds, salted pretzels, peanut butter on rice cakes, and salted popcorn.

No doubt you are dying to make yourself a hot chocolate and indulge into one of the snacks mentioned above. When preparing hot chocolate for Nespresso machines, simply remember that sweet, salty, or tangy will go well, and you are bound to find something suitable in your kitchen cupboards.