How to make a great tasting nespresso compatible hot chocolate

Mugpods Ltd


We want to make sure you make the most out of the Nespresso compatible pods that you purchase from us. Read on to learn some new tips on how to make a great tasting hot chocolate.



Where to start…

Select your pod and place it in the machine like you would with any other.


Know your machine…

Make sure before you make any drink that you flush out your machine – just close the lid and leave the capsule area empty then press the button on the right hand side of the machine to allow clean hot water to run through until you have about a mugs worth of water.

When you have chosen your pod place it in the machine (above) and close the lid, for a more concentrated shot of the flavour press the small cup button on the left hand side of your machine so that the flavour isn’t watered down too much, then let it run till the machine stops.


Prepare your warm milk while the machine is running. Try to stop it before it gets to the frothy stage to save room for the finishing touches.


For those with an extra sweet tooth…

Why not try adding a dash of caramel sauce for extra flavour Рa personal favourite of ours is the Vedrenne Caramel (Other flavours are available)

Maybe try adding some crushed mint chocolate into the mint hot chocolate drink to add some extra flavour. Or maybe just have a mint chocolate on the side ready to dip in!

The daredevils out there may want to try adding chilli into it to make chilli flavoured hot chocolate ( best served with the original hot chocolate pods)

Watch your master piece unfold…

Pour the warm milk into the mug and watch the milk blend with your hot chocolate creation.


Indulge…nespresso hot chocolate

Stir the milk and hot chocolate together then let it settle, add some cream (any of your choice but best served with whipped cream) and why not compliment it with some chocolate sprinkles and mini marshmallows