Making a great Nespresso Milkshake with Compatible Strawberry Poddies

Mugpods Ltd

Make Nespresso Milkshakes with compatible
Strawberry flavour Poddies

We all know that fruit is one of the best things we can eat, it has great health benefits and it tastes great! the only problem is its so FULL of sugar and children can sometimes be a bit “picky” with the foods they will and wont eat.strawberries

So why not take advantage of that great taste and use it in your Nespresso machine to make yourself and your family a nice refreshing fruity drink that is also SUGAR FREE.

At mugpods we love to bring World’s first products to the UK and PODiSTA poddies are one of them. They can be enjoyed hot or cold, but we highly recommend cold as (we might be biased) but they make a delicious milkshake. As seen on the letstalkmommy blog  our poddies were reviewed by the parents and children “prefers her Podista poddies frothy, cold with whip cream but B prefers his Podista poddies hot, with sprinkles on top. We made a quality family afternoon with our test tasting and giggles in between. I didn’t have to worry that the kids were getting too much sugar from our little party since the drinks were sugar-free.”

Our Nespresso compatible Strawberry Poddies are going down a treat with all of our customers who buy them and want a great way of making Nespresso milkshakes, we have had a number of great reviews which can be seen on our website and facebook page. Not only are they sugar free but its also an easy way of getting your children to drink more milk/added calcium in their diets.

We recently tried adding a few extra ingredients to give it that extra kick and we fully recommend it! if you add;

1 1/2 cups (350 ml.) cold semi skimmed milk

1/2 pint (low fat) vanilla ice cream

Then this will be one of the best and healthiest home made milkshakes you have ever had!

You can buy Nespresso compatible milkshake pods in other flavours like Chocolate and Honeycomb –  visit our online shop at

Let us know what you think!