Double Shot Coffee Autumn

Mugpods Double Shot Coffee

Mugpods Ltd

Mugpods have some of the worlds first Nespresso compatible pods.

These include the brilliant Double shot coffee pods. These coffee pods have twice the caffeine of a regular pod and they really are coffee with a kick!!!

Do you find that sometimes, particularly when using compatible coffee pods, your coffee can taste a bit watered down? Or perhaps you end up using two pods just to get that strong coffee you were looking for. That is where our double shot pod comes in, like a caffeine superhero! They contain on average double the caffeine of a standard Nespresso pod

Countless reviewers have mentioned how these pods are the perfect saviour for tired parents trying to get through the day with a toddler in toe or even as a perfect pre-workout! As seen on Amazon and Foodie Explorers “The double-strength coffee was great too but probably best only consuming that in the early half of the day!”. You should still only extra a normal amount as it can’t contain any more coffee due to the size of the pod – but the intensity and strength you will certainly notice! How is this possible? Thanks to natural Guarana extracts from the rainforests of Brazil.

What is Guarana? 

Guarana is a climbing plant, native to the Amazon basin and especially common in Brazil. It has large leaves and clusters of flowers and is best known for the seeds from its fruit, which are about the size of a coffee bean.

As a dietary supplement or herb, guarana seed is an effective stimulant: it contains about twice the concentration of caffeine found in coffee seeds so by adding it to our coffee pods we can get that much needed kick.

The fact that these pods are compatible with Nespresso machines make them even more amazing. No mess with a coffee grinder and a super quick caffeine fix!

More information about our double shot pods:

Do you sometimes have to use  two standard Nespresso  pods to achieve a high quality, super strong coffee for that pick me up in the morning or as a pre-workout coffee?

Our intensity 16 Double Shot pods contain fresh finely ground, roasted coffee beans boosted with natural guarana extract sourced from the rainforests of Brazil. With 150mg caffeine (2x a standard pod) it really is coffee with a kick! Simple extract one pod in your machine, at up to half the price of an original Nespresso pod.

Whats not to love, why not try them today and see what you think?

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