Our Logo

Mugpods Ltd

Back in 2015, we started mugpods – the name itself did not take us too long, we knew we wanted it to contain the word “pod” and something in relation to drinking coffee & hot chocolate, the natural conclusion was that we generally drink them from a “mug”. Once we knew this, we wrote a big list of words containing the two, and for each one checked whether the domain names were available – and so “mug pods” was born in September 2015 (the same week we decided to start the company).

Our logo however – took much longer! We wanted colour wise for it to show the warmth and enjoyment of a hot drink, yet the excitement of trying flavours that were not previously available. We also ideally wanted the logo to clearly show a “pod” that customers would recognise. This is where the mugpods “red” colour was born however the logo itself was much harder to decide on.

We decided to run a competition with a prize fund where designers submitted their logos, each one submitted we provided feedback that all could see to be able to submit newer logos – it took us a huge 74 revisions to finally get to the logo you see today, some of our favourite ideas and designs are shown below – which ultimately led to our final logo.

Mugpods Logo Design

Once the logo was finalised, we then went down the path of trademarking but also trying to work out our why – why are we here/what do we want to achieve. Which led us to Mugpods moments.

“We believe in making the most of every moment – whether it be an indulgence at work, catching up with a friend, or simply unwinding after a long day. Designed for use in your Nespresso machine, every moment is a mugpods moment”.

By September 2015 we had our logo and our why, which was the basis of everything we did from that point. From our website design including the red across the site, to our amazing packaging boxes that come with your order – perfectly designed to fit up to 6 boxes with minimal waste – and completely recyclable.

So, our logo is now completed and a part of our new business adventure. We are so happy with the end result – what do you think?

To see more visit our website https://mugpods.com