The Idea – mugpods

Mugpods Ltd


MugPods will be a new online shop and distributor of beverages in the form of Pods/capsules that are to be used in Nespresso compatible machines. We are starting mugpods to bring the World’s first hot chocolate pods to the UK market allowing our customers to enjoy much more variety than just coffee pods. Our chocolates come in 5 fantastic flavours, and we have been taste testing them at home with our friends and family.

A ‘mug’ of coffee is something that can be personal to an individual.

It can be a warm or cool comfort enjoyed in a busy working environment or in the comfort of a person’s home.  It is essential that customers feel a comforting and somewhat personal connection to the brand.

We are currently in the process of finalising logo ideas that are being submitted on a daily basis. – A final choice will be made within the next week! – We’re very excited and we will be posting again once we have our final designs.

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