Compatible Nespresso Coffee Pods

Using Your Compatible Nespresso Coffee Pods For More Than Just A Drink

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Compatible Nespresso Coffee Pods

Compatible Nespresso coffee pods are great for making that first coffee of the day, or for relaxing with a freshly brewed coffee in the early afternoon. But, is this all there is to this wonderful little invention? The answer is no, not at all. Read on to find out much more.

Of course, your coffee machine, the working heart that allows you to create amazing coffee with your compatible Nespresso coffee pods, can also make other drinks. All you need to do is source different pods and there you have it, a Nespresso hot chocolate, a more intense style of coffee, or a vanilla infused coffee. But, each of these little pods is much more than a drink. Many recipes require coffee, and your coffee machine can provide it in just the right quantities and strengths. One such recipe is tiramisu. To get the rich flavours of this classic dessert, you need to soak either sponge or panettone slices in expresso, caster sugar and amaretto. What better way to ensure that you have the right strength of coffee for your tastes than to use your coffee pods. And it is not just desserts that can benefit from coffee made in this way; cakes too need good quality coffee. One such cake is a coffee and chocolate cake. If the recipe calls for instant coffee, just swap with an espresso made from your Nespresso coffee pods machine and then adjust the liquid content in the remaining parts of the recipe. Not only will you get a better, smoother taste, but you are less likely to be left with a gritty consistency.

The options don’t end with sweet dishes either. There are several savoury dishes that require coffee to bring out the fullness of the different tastes. Something as simple as adding coffee from Nespresso compatible capsules to baked beans brings a whole new world for your senses to enjoy. If that doesn’t get your taste buds salivating then how about adding expresso to the gravy for lamb cutlets, or using coffee in your next beef stew. If you are feeling adventurous then you can use podista coffee pods as part of the glaze mix for a ham. Only this time, you use the powder rather than putting it through your machine. If you are ready to go one step further, then try adding coffee to your barbeque sauce, along with brown sugar to create the perfect sauce for ribs or chicken. You could even use your coffee infused barbeque sauce on your next lot of homemade cheese burgers; add some jalapenos as well, and no one will even be thinking about the coffee. Of course, if you are not ready for the savour journey with coffee, you can stick to the more tried and tested recipes such as brownies, fudge and ice cream, using Nespresso chocolate coffee pods. There really is something for everyone when it comes to coffee.

If you are thinking about branching out in your use of compatible Nespresso coffee pods, then remember to start simple, and to avoid making the coffee too strong. You want to enhance the other flavours, not drown them out.