Coffee Capsules Nespresso Compatible Which Do Not Cost The Earth

Coffee Capsules Nespresso Compatible are available nowadays, which will address one of the main criticisms levelled at these single-serve pods premium coffee machines. Carefully chosen, your compatible capsule will still offer you the café quality coffee and espresso that you expect, but without breaking the bank.

When Nespresso produce their own capsules for their machines, they package their coffee and espresso blends in aluminium capsules. Each pod contains approximately 1 gram of aluminium. Aluminium is a high value, energy intensive resource and these pods often end up in landfill. This has led to claims that the environmental impact of Nespresso Compatible Coffee and espresso capsules is the highest of any method of making a cup of coffee. Nespresso compatible capsules are available which, as well as maintaining the great quality of the coffee beans they use in their alternative products, seek to minimise the environmental impact. Compatible capsules might be ideal for you if you are concerned about the planet and want to reduce the environmental footprint of your favourite beverage. When you buy compatible Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules with the aim of being more environmentally friendly, make sure you check the detail on the site or shop you are using. A retailer concerned about the environmental impact of their alternative product will make it clear and easy to discover. Buy a compatible capsule that is made of recyclable plastic and, to preserve the all-important aroma, foil wrapped. A compatible capsule can not only save you money, but also do so without costing the earth, literally!

At Mugpods Ltd, we appreciate our customer’s environmental concerns. Our quality compatible capsules are made of BPA free plastic, covered in foil. This means used pods can go straight into your recycling bin. Choose your Coffee Capsules Nespresso Compatible from our wide range at, where you can also contact us with any queries.