The Mugpods Guide to Nespresso®* compatible pods

Last Updated February 2019

Back in 2015, Mugpods began selling Nespresso®* compatible pods including the World's first range of hot chocolates as well as our double shot coffee pod. We know, from experience that so many questions come to mind when purchasing pods or capsules for your machine. For example, will they work in my machine? How does the taste compare? Are they recyclable? So here is our roundup of questions and answers to help you get the most from your Nespresso®* compatible pods. 

What are Nespresso®* compatible pods?

Compatible pods are specifically designed pods for use in your original Nespresso®* machine (not Vertuo/Vertuoline, more info about this below) but are not made by the official Nespresso®* brand. Different companies making compatible pods means a much broader range of available flavours and of course savings (up to 50%) - so see them quite simply as an alternative to original Nespresso®* pods. 
You can purchase Nespresso®* compatible pods in the UK from many companies including mugpods, PODiSTAL'oRAldi, CafePod. Each company has its own range, and pod technology such as plastic and aluminium pods. 
Nespresso compatible pods

Do they work in Nespresso®* Vertuo machines?

Unfortunately no. The Nespresso®* Vertuo system is a patented technology, meaning no company can currently make compatible pods or capsules for those machines. If you want to be able to experience compatible pods from other companies - go for an original Nespresso®* machine instead. 

How to find the best Nespresso®* compatible pods

As with trying any new product - do your research! Here are four ways to find the best Nespresso®* compatible pods for you:

1) Reviews - Check out the companies reviews. We are very proud to have over 1200 (5 star) reviews, with 98% of customers recommending our products on our main site alone. Our company and products have been featured in Bolton News, Which? best buy, Foodie Explorers and even British Vogue. We also have hundreds of Amazon reviews. 

2) Compatibility - Although you may think it, not all compatible pods work in all machines. Mugpods products are 100% compatible with all original Nespresso®* machines.

3) Range - Have a look at the range of products available, for example multiple intensities/flavours. We boast the World's First Range of Hot Chocolate pods for Nespresso.

4) Delivery/Returns Check the postage charges and whether you can return unwanted products. Some offer discount the more you buy, is there a minimum order? We try to be fair by reducing the postage the more you buy. With no minimum order. 

Are Nespresso®* pods recyclable?

As you are probably aware, Nespresso®* has its own recycling program for aluminium capsules. This involves storing used capsules in a capsule recycling bag and either returning it to a Nespresso®* boutique or drop off point. Plastic pods can be seen quite negatively for the environment, this is because some plastic Nespresso®* compatible pods can take up to 500 years to break down. At Mugpods we have always been aware of our impact on the environment, originally making our pods from recyclable BPA free plastic pods - they could be disposed of in the same bin as your yoghurt pots. In early 2019 we decided to make our pods from d2w oxo-biodegradable plastic - which are available across our entire range except currently our Intenso coffee pod. By making our pods form this material, this means they are recyclable and biodegradable - but not compostable. They can be recycled or treated as general waste where they will degrade at an accelerated rate of time in landfill. It takes around 2 years for this to happen. Tip - used ground coffee found inside the pods are a great garden fertiliser. 
Nespresso Recycling

Making the most of your Nespresso®* machine

We started mugpods to help you get more from your machine - which is why we brought 5 flavours of Nespresso®* compatible hot chocolate pods to the UK. That being said, keeping your machine clean and regularly descaled ensures great tasting and coffee & hot chocolate and most importantly a longer life of your machine. The Nespresso site has fantastic troubleshooting guidesfor all machines, but if you are looking for an alternative Nespresso®* descaler  you can get them from us for only 95p per descaling sachet. 
Hot Chocolate For NespressoNespresso Descaler