Mugpods Biodegradable Pods - What are they?

Are plastic pods bad?

This depends on the type of plastic used. Originally, (and still some of our range) our pods were made with BPA free recyclable plastic. Meaning they could be recycled in the same bin you use for your yoghurt pots or milk cartons. In recent years many companies started making Nespresso®* compatible pods from non-recyclable plastics. This is hugely problematic as some plastic pods can take up to 500 years to degrade, and when they do they tend to break up into tiny particles known as micro plastics which pollute our environment. 

Our biodegradable pods

In March 2019, we announced the rollout of our new biodegradable pods & capsules with all of our hot chocolate range, and all of our coffee pods having made the switch. These pods use d2w oxo-biodegradable plastic technology. Therefore, they’re recyclable and biodegradable (but cannot be composted). You can dispose of them in your ordinary plastic bin or in general waste. The majority of general waste goes to landfill - in this case our pods will break down at an accelerated rate of around 2 years. Rather than breaking into harmful micro plastics mentioned above, our oxo-biodegradable pods evolve into material with a low molecule weight – creating a food source for natural organisms: bacteria and fungi. These organisms are known as ‘decomposers’, which finish the job by releasing enzymes that break-down the compound. 

Biodegradable Nespresso Pods

Why not compostable?

This is a much debated issue by industry leaders, products made of compostable material can linger, releasing carbon-dioxide and methane: causing a greenhouse gas effect. To avoid this - compostable pods are best sent to specific compostable facilities that would capture these releases to avoid them going into the atmosphere. As reported by the Independant - there is a lack of sufficient waste management infrastructure and facilities in the UK,  meaning biodegradable products will not be disposed of adequately. This is therefore why we believe we are using the best technology at this current time - but will always be working to improve our products taking into account the environment.