About us/our story

We believe in making the most of every moment - whether it be an indulgence at work, catching up with a friend, or simply unwinding after a long day. Designed for use in your original Nespresso®* machine, every moment is a #mugpodsmoment.

Mugpods began in 2015 when our co-founder Jack Bramhall was sat at his desk - listening to his colleagues making coffee in the shared office Nespresso® machine. Jack himself used the machine daily but wondered why everyone had to "club together" for large minimum orders and also questioned why the only drink you could make is coffee when other machines allowed much more variety.

Co-founders Jack and MikeAfter researching further, Jack was able to find an innovative company in Australia called PODiSTA. Engineered to work with all current Nespresso® coffee machines, PODiSTA created the worlds first Nespresso® compatible hot chocolate, milkshakes as well as a great range of coffee pods.

Very excited, the same day Jack spoke to our other co-founder Mike Parker about what he had found and his ideas of starting an online business. Mike was onboard immediately as he was also a Nespresso® coffee lover! After testing out the range of pods on their home machines and taste tasting with friends they decided to go for it! Launching Mugpods in September 2015.

Jack & Mikes Plan:

1) Bring high quality Nespresso® compatible coffee pods to the UK market at an affordable price.

2) Sell the worlds first multi beverage range including Nespresso® compatible hot chocolate and milkshakes.

3) Allow no minimum order, dispatch quickly and should anything go wrong - provide great customer service.

Self funded - Jack and Mike were able to build an ecommerce shop, import from more than 16,000km away, store and begin distribution within a matter of weeks. Originally starting from a racked out garage at Mikes parents house, most parcels were packed and shipped in the evenings (as both co-founders were still working!). Due to the popularity of the products, Mikes Mum (Lisa) also ended up helping pack parcels daily.  

Fast forward to today - Mugpods has continued to grow, now with its own small office space + warehouse in Greater Manchester, UK. Mike is working full time for the company and running the show - with a coffee mug in hand of course! Jack spends most of his time - with hot chocolate - maintaining the website and analysing spreadsheets to stay ahead.

In 2019, Mugpods began rolling out biodegradable pods and pouches, becoming one of the only companies in the UK selling a multi flavoured range of biodegradable hot chocolate and coffee pods for use in Nespresso® machines. 

The core of Mugpods success continues to be the fantastic tasting products from PODiSTA,  the support of friends and family as well as Jack & Mikes focus on customer service and digital marketing. Clearly visible from being nominated for the Bolton & Bury "startup business of the year" award, countless 5 star reviews as well as a growing number of repeat customers.

Co-founder Jack - "Im really proud of what we have been able to achieve in such a small space of time, when a customer hears our story they are always impressed - thinking we are a huge corporation with millions of pounds behind us! The truth is we are small business of coffee and hot chocolate lovers, and we wanted to share the innovative PODiSTA products we found with as many people as we can."

Co-founder Mike - "When Jack and I started Mugpods, we never dreamt it would grow as quickly as it did - and we are very proud of what we have built from nothing. Its always great to see feedback from our customers enjoying the pods knowing we personally packed their parcel!". 

For more information about our coffee pods & compatibility - click here.