Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules Are Now Freely Available

Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules are now available for Nespresso Compatible Coffee machines. What’s more, using compatible capsules will no longer affect the guarantee on your single pod coffee machine. Nestlé, who own the Nespresso brand, have had to give up their monopoly on producing and selling capsules for their popular coffee machine.

This follows a number of conflicts and agreements with different European authorities. Western Europeans now purchase more of these coffee and espresso machines than they do traditional ‘drip’ coffee machines. It is easy to see why. The Nespresso machine produces a 'perfect' coffee or espresso experience every time you use it. If you use the same type of capsule, you will get the same quality result. Nespresso had previously attempted to block sales of compatible capsules from alternative manufacturers in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. However, it was following developments in France that Nepresso finally gave up its monopoly. Why France? Because Nespresso has a bigger than three quarters share of the French coffee and espresso machine market; which in turn accounts for one quarter of Nespresso global sales. Nestlé reached an agreement with the French competition authorities to remove the warning on its capsules and machines claiming only its pods could be used. This now allows Nespresso compatible capsules to be used in its coffee machines without affecting the warranty, opening up the market to other premium compatible Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules manufacturers who can supply alternative, if not better, ranges of products. Ultimately, this is a victory for the consumer, who can save significant amounts of money.

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