Nespresso Premium Compatible Coffee Capsules – It’s All In The Blend

Nespresso premium Compatible Coffee Capsules are no longer the sole preserve of Nespresso branded coffee and espresso pods. Look beyond the clever marketing names such as ‘Grand Cru’, ‘Kazaar’ or ‘Volluto’ (favourite drink of at least one Hollywood ‘A’ list star, apparently) and you will find alternatives that are equally good.

There are basically 2 varieties of coffee beans used in premium lungo coffees and espresso blends. These are arabica and robusta coffee beans. Arabica beans have a sweet, soft taste, with hints of sugar, fruit and berries. Robusta beans taste stronger and harsher, with grainy overtones and a peanut after-taste. These latter beans contain about twice as much caffeine as arabica beans. So with only two types commonly available, why are there so many different premium coffee blends? This is because the taste of the bean is affected by where it is grown. Ethiopian arabica beans differ in taste from arabica beans from Columbia, for instance. Another factor that affects the flavour is how the beans are processed, particularly during the roasting process. Blends of different coffees are then produced to make different premium Compatible Coffee Capsules. Lungo blends tend to be composed almost exclusively of the arabica bean; while the ‘caffeine hit’ in espresso blends comes from introducing some robusta beans. The premium quality of Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules therefore comes from the expertise of the coffee blenders, and not from fancy names. It is perfectly possible for Nespresso compatible capsules to contain alternative premium blends. In fact, reading user reviews on compatible capsules shows that many people prefer these versions over the ‘real’ thing.

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