Podista Compatible Coffee Capsules – Quality And Innovation Using Nespresso Machines

Podista Compatible Coffee Capsules offer rich, full flavoured intensity in their range of coffee and espresso pods, all of which are compatible with Nespresso Compatible Coffee machines. They offer a great coffee and espresso drinking experience at home. Each Podista capsule will produce a high quality cup of fresh coffee every time.

Why are Podista capsules so much better than other Nespresso compatible capsules, though? Well, they are innovative, using state of the art technology to increase quality and reduce costs. For example, Podista developed the first Nespresso compatible hot chocolate capsules. Their capsules are made from Food Grade BPA Free Plastic, (which is recyclable) making these pods more economical to produce than standard aluminium Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules, and so cheaper to buy for consumers. This doesn’t come at the price of quality, however. Podista capsules have been extensively tested, performing at least as well as Nespresso compatible capsules and producing the best crema results of all compatible pods. What’s more, this state of the art pod technology also means less packaging is needed compared to many competitors’ capsules, again meaning consumers can save money. Podista capsules retain their freshness, aroma and flavour for up to 18 months if unopened, because they are packed in a modified, oxygen-free atmosphere which preserves the ground coffee in the capsule, and then sealed in foil. You’re not short of choice, either. The Podista alternative multi-beverage range of pods includes four coffee varieties, two iced coffee drinks, five hot chocolate flavours and even a range of three sugar-free milkshakes. These include delicious infused flavours such as hazelnut chocolate, mint chocolate, caramel chocolate and vanilla coffee.

Podista Compatible Coffee Capsules are manufactured in Australia, but the full range of Nespresso compatible Podista capsules is available in the UK from Mugpods Ltd. We offer these high quality coffee, espresso, hot chocolate and milkshake capsules at economical prices. Find out more and shop at https://mugpods.com/ to order your Nespresso compatible capsules today.